An Unusual Easter Dinner

IMG_2450     yum

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday.  My husband, Jan, and I enjoyed spending time with our daughter Angie, her husband Troy, and our granddaughter Kassidy.   We did something we have never done before on Easter.  We ate at a Japanese restaurant.  We were seated in a large room with other guests at counters around the cooking areas.  First we were served our drinks, along with a bowl of thin chicken soup.  Shortly after came a garden salad with creamy ginger dressing.

The chef appeared and we watched him make our food at a hibachi grill.  He cooked up fried rice and grilled a medley of vegetables for everybody.  We got to choose our meat.  Jan had salmon, I had filet mignon, Kassidy and Angie had chicken, and Troy had hibachi steak.  My steak was perfect.  They served rainbow sherbet for dessert.  It was refreshing.  I forgot to take a picture of the sherbet.  Oops.

fire     IMG_2462

The fun part was when the chef started the grill and produced a huge flame of fire in front of us.  He had about six eggs in his tall hand that he tossed around like balls, cracking them open without a hitch and scrambling them on the grill to go in the rice.

IMG_2480     IMG_2482

After chopping the vegetables using his super sharp knife, the chef with one utensil in hand took a large thick slice of onion and separated it.  He stacked one slice on top of the other slices with the largest slice on the bottom and the smallest slice on the top, forming a volcano.  He lit it inside.  It flamed, then it smoked for a good while.  It was all a fun experience that we will have to do again.

IMG_2489 - Copy me

If you like to read my chit chat, please click on like.  I would love it if you would write a nice comment.  Maybe you could share about your experience at a hibachi grill and tell us what you did on Easter Sunday.  Now I think I will go eat my leftovers.  🙂 Thanks for reading and come back soon!

Tricia Coffin

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