From My Granddaughter’s Work Space

March 3016 age 13

Our granddaughter, Kassidy, is very special to us.  We have one daughter and one granddaughter, so needless to say, Kassidy is in the spotlight.  Born in November, 2002, Kass is 13 years old.  We have been blessed with a child, who like her mother, has been well-behaved and does well in school.  Having a creative side, as most children do in one way or the other, Kassidy has shown an interest in drawing, coloring, paper crafting, creative writing and photography.  This year I’ve started giving her lessons in paper crafting techniques and card making.  To help her along, I promised to give her a Pocket Pal Letter every month of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) along with cardstock, embellishments and other elements to help her make cards and do other projects at home for every season, holiday and events.  These supplies give her the resources she needs to make cards for her friends and family and to supplement her projects for school.  I was pleased to hear that she used her saved spending money to buy a packet of Copic markers!  That was right after I got my first few Copics this past Christmas.   Now we both are learning how to color with Copics together.  To add to that, just recently Kassidy used her saved spending money to purchase a 12-pack Prismacolor pencils!  I can say that girl knows quality!  Times sure have changed.  I WOULD say that I had spending money only for bubblegum, but my parents owned a grocery store, so I didn’t have spending money.  I had a voice to ask for what I wanted!

So this is the Easter card Kassidy made for her Poppie and me (Mimi).  She’s off to a good start.

Happy crafting, EVERYone,

Mimi Tricia

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