Time to Freshen Up!

Hello there,

Have you done your spring cleaning?  You may be ahead of me.  It’s time to pull things out from the wall, dust the light fixtures and vents, clean the windows and all the things I don’t want to do.  I’d rather play with my art supplies!

This week Simon Says Stamp has the challenge to use stencils.  I have a large wall in my kitchen/dining where I am adding objects little by little.  A few weeks ago I caught a short video about arranging things on the wall.  I can’t remember who produced it.  The spokesperson was showing how she cut out pieces of paper the size of her pictures and arranged the papers on the floor.  Among her things to hang were the first initials of her and her husband.  That was an idea I liked, so the next trip I made to Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store, I bought a “J” for Jan, my husband, and a “P” for me since my given name is Patricia.  The letters were made of unfinished particle board.

I needed something to inspire me to get the housework done, so I decided to paint my letters.  Here’s the end results:



SSS Wednesday Challenge Stencil It <a href=”http://www.simonsaysstampblog.com/wednesdaychallenge/&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>www.simonsaysstampblog.com/wednesdaychallenge/</a>

Do you notice anything?  The “J” has a brown background and the “P” has a very dark brown, almost black background.  My husband agreed that they look close enough alike  since I am not going to hang them together on the wall.  I’m going to hang them in places where they will fit among my other wall hangings.  Let me tell you why I have a mismatched “P”, so if you decide to stencil something you won’t have this same problem.

I stained both letters in Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Stain.  On the “P” I taped down the stencil on the back, as well as held my finger on the stencil as I sponge daubed Tim Holtz Distress Paints on the stencil.  I let the paint dry a good while before removing the stencil.  In spite of my caution, the paint had splotched under the stencil, leaving blobs of paint here and there.  That wouldn’t do.  So I wiped all that off with a paper towel and then a baby wipe.  I let the “P” dry while I stenciled paint on the “J”.  This time I painted in the stencil openings with paint brushes.  The stenciling turned out almost presentable this time, but I wanted to sharpen the shapes after the paint dried.  Going back to the “P”, I restained the letter with Walnut Stain again, doing the same thing as before with the same amount of stain coats.  When it dried I stenciled the spaces with the same color distress paint I used on “J”.  Immediately I realized that the paint on the “J” looked brighter than the paint on the “P”.  This was because the colors on the “P” had a more coats of Walnut Stain underneath.

I could have removed the paint from the “J” as I had done for “P”, but that was too much work and I had no more time.  So I tried to tone down the paint colors on “J” by putting Rusty Hinge over the Spiced Marmalade and adding Barn Red on top of Worn Lipstick.  And to brighten the paint colors in “P” with extra coats of paint on the shapes.  So now, it is what it is.  It will be fun to see if anyone notices the difference, since I will have the letters spaced away from each other on the wall.

When the stenciling was about dry, I used the paints and round brushes to sharpen the lines around the shapes.  After this dried, I used a Faber-Castell brown marker to edge the shapes.

Learning from my error, I hope you will give stenciling letters a try.  This was the first time for me.  I think I’ll do this again sometime.  Below I will list the items I used.

Happy Crafting,

Patricia (haha….also known as Trish, Tricia and Tricia Ann)


Letters J and P, 5 1/2″ high – Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store locally

Tim Holtz Walnut Stain Stain – This is not a mistake.  🙂

Tim Holtz Flourish Stencil http://www.amazon.com/Tim-Holtz-Flourish-Stencil-Layering/dp/B00U3MMTJ0

Tim Holtz Distress Paints – I get most of these locally from Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and Hobby Lobby.  I used round brushes to paint.

  • Spiced Marmalade – It looks yellow in the picture.
  • Forest Moss
  • Broken China
  • Barn Red
  • Worn Lipstick
  • Rusty Hinge

Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen Big Brush in Nougat



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