December Pocket Pal Letter

Ho Ho Ho,

This was my first Pocket Pal Letter to my granddaughter Kassidy who just turned 13.  I wanted her to have supplies at home to use to make cards and other projects.  This first Pocket Pal is LOADED just to get her started.  The Pocket Pals that follow will not be as loaded, as she will already have needed items. 

I also gave Kassidy  a  2″notebook in which to insert the upcoming Pocket Pal Letters I intend to give Kassidy in the upcoming year.  My goal is a Pocket Pal Letter to her for every season, occasion, or holiday. 

For larger pieces of cardstock and other miscellaneous items I gave Kassidy to go along with the Christmas theme, I placed these in separate Ziplock bags.


1A Christmas - December


1B Christmas - December

I would be pleased if you get some enjoyment out of looking at these pockets and get inspiration to do Pocket Pal Letters yourself.  My favorite go-to paper for these pockets is Doodlebug Designs Inc. 6×6 inch paper pads.  They sell other embellishments to coordinate with these paper pads too.  As well, I gather things from my stash that could go along with the theme.

The plastic pockets are merely trading card holders, formerly known as baseball card holders.  Today this 3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ card is called an ATC or Artist Trading Card.  They are made this size to be able to collect, display in an orderly fashion, and trade without taking up as much room as an A2 size card.  I ordered my plastic pockets from, but you can probably find them at Walmart and such places. 


Tricia Ann


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