Sunday Sample: Using Planner Stamps in Different Ways

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I am so pleased that you dropped by today to have a look.  I wrote this blog for Strawberry Jude Stamps where I am a Design Member.  Go to our fan club on Facebook and see what’s going on in Strawberry Jude Stamps’ Fan Club.  There’s activity there daily with our American-made quality detailed stamps, plus GIVEAWAYS which we all love.  Just take a jaunt over to and join in the activity. 

 We who keep decorative planners know that stamping in a planner is so enjoyable and saves tons of money when using stamps instead of buying planner stickers.  dec-12-right-medium-resolution-copy And even if we do buy planner stickers, it is still fun to stamp throughout the daily events of our lives.  Strawberry Jude Stamps has a planner stamp set that was just released which is the epitome of a traditional Christmas.   

Each small stamp was drawn with love and care by Jewel Charsley, owner and creator at Strawberry Jude Stamps.  Aren’t these the sweetest little stamps you’ve ever seen?  I’ll link where you can find them below.  The good news about these little stamps, besides how cute they are, is that they can be used in more ways than stamping in a planner.  So you get more bang for your buck when you buy them.  In this post we will take a look at those different ways of using planner stamps.

Most everyone knows that planner stamps can be used when making greeting cards.  They can be used as accents, or they can be the focus of a card, such as the “thanks” card below. 

You will find more examples of planner stamps being used to make cards when you look at the stamp shopping pages on this website.  I hope you take a moment to have a look.  On these pages, you will also find samples of gift tags decorated with the images of small stamps. Here’s a sample.tag  The TO and FROM were stamped using Strawberry Jude Stamps Tag It: Christmas stamp set.

If you’ve watched YouTube card making videos, or if you participate in Facebook Stamp Clubs, you will have seen envelopes decorated to match the theme of the card inside.  These holiday planner stamps would be perfect for that.  mail.png

Let’s stop and think of where we are.  We can use Strawberry Jude Stamps Don’t Forget Christmas in planners, on greeting cards, to make gift tags, and to decorate envelopes.  Moving on, here’s another way to use the stamps.  Let children play with themrubber-stamps-at-christmas-349x256 Stamping provides a satisfying time of entertainment for children, as they learn how to use inks, make spacial relationships and balance items on a page.  They may also learn color identification, practice counting and learn to categorize, among other things.  Most children love to stamp. 

If you’ve been around children, even out in public, you have possibly seen, as I have, that a child sometimes may have a stamped image on her face or hand.  Teachers and coaches of young children sometimes use a small stamp to give a “stamp of approval” as a reward when a child masters a skill, improves in his work or meets a standard of behavior.  face_1  The Strawberry Jude Stamp Set, Don’t Forget Christmas is the perfect stamp set to use to reward kids over the holiday season.   

Note:  The last two photos were taken from

If you’re a school teacher who has little ones in your care, you could use these stamps when making learning centers for your students.  Your room will be decked out with holiday bulletin boards and samples of holiday art work.  Why not have games and challenges that carry on the holiday theme? flashcards

Many teachers make flashcards using stamps to teach numbers, color identification, the alphabet, word recognition, vocabulary or simple arithmetic.  Older students from upper elementary  classes may be able to come in during free periods and make the flashcards and learning center pieces for you. 

Here’s another idea.  Over the holidays when children are out of school, people are at home, and much preparation needs to be done for the festivities, it’s nice to have things to occupy the children while you get things done.  If you get a chance ahead of time, you could make a card game for your kids.  The cards will stay cleaner and last longer if they are covered with clear contact paper or laminated. If there are older children around, they could stamp game pieces for the young ones to use.  Older children generally love to be in charge and set up things for little ones.  The perfect game for this type of play is the Match Game.  The cards would not even need to be as large as a deck of playing cards.  Kids enjoy things that are sized just for them.  It’s as easy as this:

In this project, make a deck of 12, 24 or 48 match cards, depending on the ages of the players. Stamp cards using planner stamps and ink pads.

  • Any light colored cardstock, cut to 2-3/4  x  1-3/4 inch rectangles.
  • paper trimmer
  • acrylic block
  • Strawberry Jude Stamps – Don’t Forget Christmas
  • ink pads of varying colors
  • colored pencils (optional)

I made 24 cards for my game.  I used 12 different stamps and stamped each image on two cards.  So I ended up with two cards that each had a tree stamped on it, two cards that each had a gift stamped on it, two peppermints and so on. 

Shuffle the cards and lay them face-down one at a time on a flat surface in rows.  I made four rows of six cards.  It doesn’t matter how many rows or columns as long as the cards that are remaining in the game keep their original positions. 

  • Number of players: Two or three    
  • Object of game: To get as many matched pairs of cards as possible. The player who gets the most matched pairs wins.


Note:  In the last photo, I am showing you how the matching cards are scattered throughout the board.  These cards that don’t match would actually be turned face-down again when no match is made after picking up two cards.

 Play starts with the youngest player.

  • The player turns over two cards, one at a time. The cards are kept in position.
  • If the cards match, the player takes the cards and turns over two more cards.
  • If the cards do not match, the player turns the cards face-down. Play passes to the next player to the left.
  • Play continues until all the cards have been picked up.
  • Players should watch carefully and remember where cards are located. Then, when a first card is turned over, it may be remembered where to find a matching card.

7 Keep in mind that all the cards should be face-down and only two cards are face-up at one time.  Here I am showing you how a match is made.  The child would remove the two cards that have gifts from the board, leaving two more empty spaces.  This is continued until there are no more cards left.

This same deck of cards can be used to play Go Fish.  With 24 cards there should be only two players.  To make Go Fish more fun to play, it is best if the game has 48 cards—12 sets of four-of-a-kind.  So you would need to make double the amount of cards that I show here.  To find out how Go Fish is played, please follow the link given below.

So on this blog post we see how planner stamps can be used in different ways. 

  1. in a scheduling planner
  2. greeting card
  3. gift tag
  4. envelope
  5. for kids’ play
  6. stamp of approval reward
  7. learning flashcards
  8. learning center pieces
  9. card games

Has another way to use planner stamps popped into your mind?  I would love to know what it is!  Please LEAVE A COMMENT.  The place to do so is at the top of the page under the title.  If you’ve learned something, or have been inspired by this blog today, please let me know by clicking on the LIKE BUTTON at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!

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Strawberry Jude Stamps Facebook Fan Club

Strawberry Jude Stamps Don’t Forget Christmas

I got help with how the games are played from

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