5 Tips for Planner Stamping

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As I worked on my weekly planner, my friend, who doesn’t do art work of any kind, watched me.  She was interested to see what I was going to do next.  On this particular planner I was using the MISTI stamping tool to stamp my words and icons.  When I’m going to show my layout online, I use the MISTI to get things as straight as I can.  As usual, I placed a tiny stamp on the planner page and lifted my hand to close the door of the MISTI.  But every time I moved my hand away, the stamp would stick to my finger and move out of position.  After this happened over and over, my friend asked, “Can you put oil or something on your fingers so the stamp doesn’t stick?”  I said, “No, I would get oil on the paper, and it would leave a mark.”  I thought a moment, then said, “But I CAN put SOMETHING on my fingers to see if the stamps won’t stick.  So I got out my Inkadinkado Embossing Magic Powder Bag.  This is the bag I use to pat an area of cardstock before I put VersaMark on it to heat emboss something.  An EK Success Powder Tool could also be used.  The powder bag or tool helps keep sprinkles of embossing powder from sticking to the paper where it is not supposed to be.  

Sure enough, it worked just as when a person chalks a cue stick when shooting pool to prevent the surface of the cue stick from sticking to the ball, allowing a more consistent strike of the stick.  In a similar way, when someone is bowling, he rubs chalk on his hand so the ball will release easily when he throws it.   So…..my number one tip is:

3-powdered-fingers1.  When using the MISTI stamping tool for tiny stamps, pat your fingers with an embossing powder bag or sprinkle on powder from a powder tool to keep the stamp from sticking to your fingers.  After stamping, you can spray a little water on the stamp if you want to remove the powder, then dry it with a rag.               







2.  In general, when a small planner stamp is inked, I wipe it off with a lint-free rag, and that’s it.  If I DO use stamp cleaner or water on the stamp to remove the ink, I dry it with a rag, then I leave it out of the package to dry.  Stand the stamp upright, and lean it against something so the back dries, as well as the front.  Never put your stamps back into the package damp.  They could grow mold if not used for a while.


3.  After I’ve used a small stamp over and over, sometimes it will no longer stick to an acrylic block.  If washing the stamp with dish soap and water or stamp cleaner doesn’t help it stick to the block, I apply a small amount of Tombow Mono Adhesive Dots to the back of the stamp.  The adhesive is easily removed by rubbing your finger across it, or you could use a Xyron Adhesive Eraser.     


4.  When stamping in my planner, if I know I’m going to use a stamp again, I don’t put it back in the package.7 Hold on to Your Stamps.png  Instead, I press it to a small saucer.  The stamp sticks to the saucer, and I don’t lose it.






5.  What has helped me so much to achieve my planned goals are habit trackers stamped on the left side of my planner spread.  I check off the day of the week when I complete the task.  Strawberry Jude Stamps’ new planner stamp set has a habit tracker in it.




Don’t Forget Calendar: Monthly


If you click on the photo, it will link you to the stamp set at Strawberry Jude Stamps. 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you got some tips here that you can put to good use.  I am especially fond of Tip #1, since it was a EUREKA! moment when I thought of using the dusting on my fingers, so the tiny stamps wouldn’t stick to them.  Give it a try.  🙂  

I’ll catch you later.  Until then, I am…..

Tricia Ann

a.k.a.  Trish, Mimi 







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