Easter Break

Hello Bloggers,

Last week was very different for me.  I laid aside all housework, laundry and card making (until the Floridians left anyway :-).  Our dear friends, Patz and Gary, from Florida arrived late Friday night on April 7th and left on Wednesday morning, April 12th.  Another dear friend, Evelyn, who lives here has been assisting her elderly brother in Ohio.  She flew home on Monday, April 10th, but must go back after spending a while here.  So after our Florida friends left, I spent time with Evelyn.  Then over Easter weekend, we were with our family.

We went to Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Gary and Patz on Sunday, April 9th.  Although everything is not in bloom yet, the current feature of the Gardens is Orchid Daze.  We walked through several hot houses of wondrous orchids and other exotic plants that are extraordinary.  The stunning visions reminded us of what an awesome Creator God we serve.  Here’s a few photos we took.






The part of these leaves that looks white is actually silver!


Incredible design!




So delicate and feminine!


Wow!  This one demands attention.


I just HAD to show you the texture these leaves have.  They are remarkable!  This is the look artists so painstakingly strive to achieve in their work; the detail of this marvelous sample of nature.  

All through the gardens we were saying, “Wow!  Look at this!”  “Oh, my word!  This is unbelievable!”  “Look, look, look!  Look here!”  A big part of the joy of seeing all of these incredible plants was sharing the awesomeness with someone else.

We live in a woodsy area, so most of the time our friends from FL were here, we watched birds from my kitchen windows and sat outside a lot.  The weather was wonderful.  At night the guys built a campfire and we sat around, talking, and eating s’mores.  We miss them so much now.

I spent the day with Evelyn on Thursday.  We went to Stone Mountain to see her longtime friend and mentor. Momma Krantz - CopyThis beautiful lady will be 90 years old in May, but looks and acts 70 years old!  She looked so refreshing and so does her house.  Her five kids who live near help her, and her 28 year old grandson lives with her.  He’s a plumber who is working on the new Braves Stadium being built in Marietta near Atlanta.  She cooked for us and it was good.  She cooked a goose!  Ha!  This is the first time I’ve had goose, so that was exciting.  It is dark meat like duck, but it is not as greasy as duck.  Oh, and her homemade yeast rolls were yum, yum!  She had sweets galore for dessert.  She is known for her homemade sweet treats.

On Saturday we went to Easter church service with our daughter, Angie, and her family.  They attend a large church in Woodstock near where we live.  The staff at the church asked the regular church attenders to enjoy the services on Saturday, so there would be room for visitors at the Sunday services.  We were there for the 4:00 PM service.  It was very special.  Afterwards, our kids went home, but my husband, Jan, and I met our friends, Evelyn and Cindy, at a Greek Pizzeria.  They had lamb.  We had pizza.

On Sunday we went to Angie, Troy and Kassidy’s house to spend Easter with them.  We were there at 11:00 for brunch.  We were happy to see their front door on this Easter Day.

Nalls' Door

John 3:16    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

And let us always include…..

John 3:17    For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

The kids’ best friends joined us, so there were eight of us.  It was very nice and the food was delicious.  Kassidy showed me what she got in her Easter basket.  Yes, she’s 14, but it’s a tradition.  17991102_1443697405681831_3325602444168873597_n.jpg

She doesn’t care much for candy, except for chocolate, so she got a Godiva chocolate bunny (also a tradition), a chocolate covered Peeps (which she had already eaten :-), and cookie sticks that are dipped in chocolate.  The rest of her loot was a set of Tombow Colored Pencils with a Mono Sand Eraser and Pencil Sharpener….yes!; an adult coloring book; the Disney movie Mulan on DVD (the one she has is on VHS); two packages of stickers; sunglasses; a blow up thing to lay on in the house; a Sushi Go! card game; and that’s about it. 

After we ate we visited a while, then the friends left.  Jan and I took Holly, their little dog, for a long walk.     IMG_8483  The sun was so bright that I could hardly make out the image on my phone screen.  So I accidentally cut off the top of Jan’s head.  The kids took a nap.  When we got back, Kassidy, Jan and I played her Sushi Go! game.  I lost.  <chuckle>

Our kids were due at their church group Easter get-together at 4:30, so we all left together.  Jan and I came home.

The week was a nice break for me and we made sweet Easter memories.  Now it’s time to get back to normal – cooking, cleaning, creating things and doing laundry.  Before I close I want to show you the Easter card I made for our pastor.  I also made jelly bean cards for a youth teacher at our church to attach to the packs of jelly beans she had for the children.


As you can tell, this is a simple card that was easy to make.  I used a piece of blue Recollection Cardstock as the card base that I purchased at Michael’s and cut it a little larger than an A2 size card, so there would be a margin around the white front panel. 

I used a Lawn Fawn Stitched 5×7 inch die on a piece of 80# Neenah Crest Solar White Cardstock to cut out the front panel.  I put this in one of the first embossing folders I bought years ago, no name or brand now available, and cranked it through the Cuttlebug Embossing Machine.  The card front was adhered to the card base with Scrapbook E-Z Run Adhesive

Next, I used the same white cardstock to die cut the largest cross from the Simon Says Stamp Crosses Die Set.  I then ran the cross through the Cuttlebug again enclosed in a Woodgrain Embossing Folder.  My Uni-ball Gold Pen was perfect to go around the edges of the cross.  The cross was adhered to the center of the front panel with Scotch Double-Sided Foam Tape, so it would be lifted off the card.  

Now to show you one of the jelly bean cards.  I made the front of the cards on the computer and printed them out.  Then I stamped the back of the cards.



I know this blog post I long, but it is what it is.  I wanted to get in most of the week.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday.  This is what my husband wrote for our church bulletin…..

The day Jesus was crucified, He was facing the most difficult day of His life and His greatest adversity.  As our example, Jesus was able to endure the suffering, looking forward to the joy, victory and glory that He knew would follow after the day of His greatest suffering.  Likewise we can face our days of adversity or suffering with hope, knowing that we belong to Him and that we will ultimately share in His victory.  Therefore, we should not allow ourselves to succumb to depression or hopelessness in the face of our days of adversity, but choose to walk or live in hope. 

I think this is beautiful.  Walking in faith and living in hope is what we do because Jesus paid for it ALL.  

God bless,

Tricia Ann




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