Easter Greetings

Hi Everybody,

Granddaughter Kassidy managed to make a simple card for me in a jiffy on Easter Sunday when we were spending the day at her house.  After being upstairs in her room for a while, she came downstairs and surprised me with it.  I love it!

Kassidy made this for me 2017

I asked Kassidy how she made the beautiful finish on the purple cardstock.  In person, it looks like velvet.  She said, “I just colored it with Copic Marker E00.”  Ha!  Who would have known?  Who would have thought of it?  I told her, “I’m going to try this.”  Then I asked her how she made the cross.  She told me, “It’s a die cut cross that I colored with my blue Copic Marker.”  Why can’t I make life so simple?  I need to follow her example! 

I like the white letters on top of the purple background.  I didn’t ask Kassidy what she used to write them.  I just assumed it was chalk.  Now I wonder.  ???  

This was a sweet Easter surprise!  I enjoyed spending time with my girl and the family.

Mimi Tricia 


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