A Lamp Makeover


When our granddaughter, Kassidy, was five years old, we gave her a floor lamp for Christmas to go in her bedroom.  It’s such a pretty lamp and it has been used in her room since then.  So when the kids built a new house and Kassidy changed her room colors, I hated to see the lamp stuck in a closet somewhere.  Also, a new lamp would need to be purchased.  That’s when I decided to do a makeover on Kassidy’s lamp.  Knowing her colors, I made a trip to Michael’s to purchase strings of beads, rings and clasps.  In the store, I texted a photo of the beads to Kassidy to make sure she liked them.


The strings of beads had to be shortened for Kassidy’s lamp.  So I removed four beads from each strand.  Then I added a clasp and ring to each string.  The clasps were squeezed together with pliers to hold the beads on the strings.  I kept the bead colors separated for my own sanity.  I wanted to have the same amount of strings for each color, which would be added to the lamp in sequence.  After I got all of the strands finished, I took them over to the kids’ house.  Kassidy would have enjoyed helping me string the beads, but she was busy with school and competitive cheerleading.

It was Kassidy’s job to take the pink strands off the lamp.  

She had to take a break after that!  Ha!  Such a laborious task.  Movin’ on….. the new beads needed to hang around.  Heehee!  Get back to work!


Here is where I discovered WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE.  Because the lamp was at Kassidy’s house and I put the rings on the ends of the bead strands at my house, I didn’t know that I needed a ring with a hook.  I thought the lamp had hooks where we could hang the strands of beads.  So to put the strands of beads with the ring I attached, the rings would have to be threaded through each hole on the lamp.  I got an idea.  I would remove the rings from the pink strands of beads and attache them to the rings on the new strands.  The pink beads would not fall off their strings because they were clasped after the last bead. 


I wasn’t really liking two rings on each strand.  No surprise, since I am so picky.  I would have to remove the new rings from the strands.

Take off the new ring and replace it with the old ring that has a hook.

In the meantime, we had to do something about the pink bulb at the top of the lamp.  We tried coloring it with a Copic alcohol marker.  That didn’t work, possibly because the blue we had was not dark enough. 



Kassidy had Sharpies in different colors, so she gave the blue one a try.  It worked and was perfect!


Moving on.  We had to take the new strands of beads off the lamp, so I could change out the rings.  Then Kassidy put the strands on again.


Pretty!  One project completed!

Good night!




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