February Monthly PrePlan

Hello Crafty Friends,

I haven’t been able to make a card this week.   Carpal tunnel syndrome has flared up in my right hand, and I am right-handed.  I have overworked my poor hand to numbness, needles and pins, and pain.  So I have backed off from using fine motor skills this week.  I am doing exercises and stretches, watching my posture (the carpal tunnel stems from the neck), and I’m wearing a wrist brace.  These things have helped.  While I haven’t been able to use my hand much, I still can’t resist doing something crafty.  I can’t stay away from my planner.  So I have been hopping here and there, doing what I can without straining my hand.  Here I want to show you my February monthly spread.  I just love it.  I laid down this spread before I overworked my hand.  I had to use tweezers to place the date cover stickers, so I wouldn’t be able to do that today.  


This sticker set is from Jump To It Designs Inc on Etsy.  It is the February 2018 Valentine Monthly View Kit for a Mambi BIG HAPPY PLANNER.  The stickers are called Winter Pink Valentine’s Day.  


This kit also comes in the Mambi Classic Happy Planner size, as well as the Erin Condren Vertical or Horizontal planner sizes.


I wrote the quote on the notes section with a Faber-Castell PITT Caligraphy Pen in Walnut Brown.  This pen was purchased at Michael’s in a package of multi-colored pens.  My go-to pen is a black ink Pilot Precise V5 RT.  The ink is easy to see, and it does not bleed through the thick Happy Planner paper.  I purchased a box of these pens at Amazon.


In case you didn’t see my January monthly planner spread post, my planner is a MAMBI (Me & My Big Ideas) 12-month BIG HAPPY PLANNER.  I got it at Michael’s with a half-off coupon.  I love it!  It is neutral inside, meaning the pages are not colored, so I don’t have to coordinate the colors I use with the color of the planner pages. The covers are 9″ x 11.25″ and the pages are 8.5″ x 11″.  

Planner, Large, my second one

Below, the top row is what the inside pages look like.  They are not colored, but they are marked with gray.  I wish Mambi did not put the gray shadowing on the weekend.  The inner border of the pages are marked with black and white horizontal lines.  I like this.  It looks good with the completed spread.


The bottom row shown above are photos of the monthly dividers.  Some are foiled and some are not.  These look very nice.  I like them. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my February monthly spread, and you get inspired to do a monthly spread in your planner.  I didn’t decorate monthly spreads in my 2017 planner and actually did not refer to the monthly spread much.  I now find with my decorated January monthly spread that I refer to it A LOT, and it helps me find my way.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your planning time,


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