10704036_10205054801840307_5069779108891954858_n  Hi, I am retired and married.  My hobby is card making and similar forms of art.  My husband is semi-retired, working part-time.  We have one daughter who is married, and she has one daughter.  They live in the same town as we do.  We are active Christians and have been for many years.  I have always loved to create things, whether it be written work, something pretty, décor for the home, food, or something to make someone happy.  Currently I spend most of my creative time paper crafting.  I started with scrapbooking.  Although I kept photo albums since I was in junior high, I never scrapbooked until 1998.  Our daughter got married and I wanted to make an album for my husband and me.  I went to get a few paper supplies, saw all the scissors with decorative edges and pretty papers, and that was the beginning.  Since I worked full-time, it took me six months to complete the album, but I enjoyed every minute of the process.  At the same time, I was learning to use the computer.  Not yet having a computer at home, I was allowed to stay after work and use the computers there.  It took hours upon hours of practicing, but I came up with pretty embellishments for the wedding album.  Later, we moved and lived in a town that had a scrapbooking store.  I loved the craft.  Then in 2011, I made a new friend who had always wanted to create her own cards.  I entered in just to keep her company, and now here I am all wrapped up in making cards.  I also enjoy doing art journaling, but I am new to the craft.  I want to branch out into canvases as well.  I have a structured style with detail, but I am earnestly trying to be more artsy and loosen up.  I am studying color, as well as learning about different types of papers, paint brushes, colored pencils and the like.  As of now, being a senior citizen, I have physical challenges, but on my worst day, I can sit and create and make it through the day with satisfaction. 

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Tricia Coffin