Happy 15th Birthday to Kassidy!

Hi, Our granddaughter had a birthday this week and, as usual, I was elected to bake the cake.  Kassidy has been in a s'mores phase for quite a while now, so she wanted a s'mores cake.  I never!  Daughter, Angie, found a recipe online, and I followed the directions.  It turned out pretty cool, if … Continue reading Happy 15th Birthday to Kassidy!

Kraft Glassine Treat Bag

A few years ago it was popular for some people at Halloween time to hang little treats on door handles for their friends with a note saying, "You've just been booed!"  Kassidy had gifted a treat or two to friends but hadn't received any.  So her mom asked me to "boo" her.  It was quite … Continue reading Kraft Glassine Treat Bag

Sunday Sample: Using Planner Stamps in Different Ways

Hi Everybody, I am so pleased that you dropped by today to have a look.  I wrote this blog for Strawberry Jude Stamps where I am a Design Member.  Go to our fan club on Facebook and see what's going on in Strawberry Jude Stamps' Fan Club.  There's activity there daily with our American-made quality detailed stamps, … Continue reading Sunday Sample: Using Planner Stamps in Different Ways