February Monthly PrePlan

Hello Crafty Friends, I haven't been able to make a card this week.   Carpal tunnel syndrome has flared up in my right hand, and I am right-handed.  I have overworked my poor hand to numbness, needles and pins, and pain.  So I have backed off from using fine motor skills this week.  I am … Continue reading February Monthly PrePlan


2018 Planning, February 19-25

Hello Planner Folks, Like I said in my recent planner post, Kassidy has me into buying planner stickers from Etsy.  They are pricey.  So for this spread, I decided to go back to my planner roots and basically use only stamps, ink and washi tape.  I was pleased with the outcome.  I'm thinking that I … Continue reading 2018 Planning, February 19-25