Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Home Décor
I’m stretching it, I suppose, but I consider this to Home Décor when it is used on top of the bed as a spread.
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 Hello Busy Bees,

Do you stay busy, like me?!  I made this full-size bed quilt for my granddaughter, Kassidy, who was finishing elementary school.  This is a gift from me to her.  Her mom, my daughter Angie, saved her Liberty Lions school t-shirts from kindergarten through 5th grade.  I cut out the same size 10″ square for each t-shirt, making sure I included the logo that was on the shirt.  The square was sewn to a 10″ felt square.  I sewed around each square again to reinforce the stitching.  Using a pair of sharp fabric scissors, I went around each square fringing the edges, being careful not to cut through the stitching.  The pieces were then laid on the floor so I  could arrange the colors where I thought they should go.  I wrote the placement position of each square on a small piece of paper and penned it to each square.  The squares were stacked in collated rows.  I then started sewing the squares together  by rows.  I sewed over the seams again to reinforce the stitching.  As each row was completed, I wrote on a small piece of paper the placement of the row.  These small papers directed me in sewing the rows of squares together to make the quilt.  The stitching was then checked to see if any places had been missing.  I had missed a couple of places, so I corrected these…even had to pull out some stitches and redo them.  It’s it!  It was simple and easy.  My first quilt turned out great!

My daughter found the idea on Pinterest.  I went from there to the website given below.  I got my inspiration and instructions from this website, then did my own thing.  This was a fun project to do for someone I love so dearly.

Happy sewing,

Tricia Ann



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